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Years ago my husband and I sat down and made a family plan. You might assume we must be serious planner people.  For reference, most of our family holidays come up last minute with much prayer but little prep.  But on the scale of things, the family seems more vital to plan than our vacation.

Our plan is basic.   The mark of success in our family is found in faith.  If our girls grow up as Christ-centered women longing to please their Savior in every endeavor we will feel like successful parents.

As I compare the gardening experience with our families faith journey, it occurred to me to check how often gardeners plan. Certainly with all the variables at hand, one can plant randomly and end up with a beautiful result.  However, more often than not, it can result in the chaos I mentioned in previous posts.

A gardener comes to the garden with a wealth of knowledge. He or she can look at the dirt before them and know what ammendments it requires to be successful.  This is where they begin.  They build up the nutrients in the soil.

Can we build spiritual nutrients within our children and our family to encourage successful growth?

Yesterday, I met a master gardener at Lowe’s.  His name is Henry and he loves God’s creation and it’s Creator.  He holds a degree in agriculture.  Henry informed me that garden planning starts with the soil.  It’s absolutely relevant.  He told me, “There’s dirt and then there’s soil, you can’t grow anything in dirt.”  Hmmm.

Now I need to look at Jesus’ parable of the sower.  There there is something to this.  In Matthew 13, Jesus shares a story meant to help people learn how they can better receive God’s word.

He told them of a farmer who planted seed, that’s called “sowing the seed”.  This farmer went with the random approach and scattered it everywhere.  Some seed hit soil and some hit dirt, specifically it hit rock and road (which was made out of dirt at the time).

The only successful region centered on the soil.  Jesus compares this planting method to those of us ready or not to hear and receive God’s word.

I long for my children to hear and receive.  I need to work at prepping the soil of their lives.


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