Sanitizer anyone?

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The sound of a hacking cough has resonated through our halls for 3 weeks now.

It began with my husband.  Yup, he brought this vile evil into our home.  If I could envision it, it would resemble the flowing green cloud in the movie Ten Commandments which symbolized the angel of death and the tenth plague of Egypt.

This illness, moved its way through our family attaching itself to each one in his or her turn. It’s been flowing through other homes as well, hideous menace that it is.  Why?  Can’t we just breathe easily each day?  Can’t we enjoy the beautiful sky and appreciate the capacity to breath?  Apparently not.

It’s a question we ask God often, why do bad things happen.  Sure this cold will pass and some time, hopefully in the near future.  But why did it have to come in the first place?  I do all the things the doctors tell us to do.  Vitamins? Check.  Nasal dispersant (I use ocean spray, some people use the nettie pot)? Check.  Eat healthy food? Check.  Get exercise? Check (most of the time).  Why does it still come?

We do the same thing spiritually in the hopes of avoiding the world’s badness.  Read the Bible? Check.  Was kind to neighbors? Check.  Gave offering at church? Check.

The thing is…hacks still exist.  Someone’s going to get them.  Why not me?  The next question becomes, why do the hacks exist?  Ah, now that’s a spiritual question.  I know it doesn’t seem spiritual when snot is running down our face, but it is.   It tracks back to the first historically spiritual hack of all time…Adam, Eve, and fruit gone bad.  They hacked themselves right out of paradise.

It started with simple disobedience and greed.  When caught in the act, they justified themselves by saying, “Hey, it looked good.”  And we all do the same thing.

We do seemingly innocuous things which hurt others and ourselves.  Speeding, white lies, cheating, and the like.  None of use can stand before God and honestly declare, “I did everything right.”  Our actions have overflow,  repercussions we cannot imagine which spread the disease and continue the process.  In the same way washing our hands helps slow down the spread of illness, as we seek God’s guidance,  He helps us to have new eyes and envision new possibilities.

Unfortunately, the hack we spread still exists and it’s germs connect and infest others just like our sinful actions affect others.  So, why not me?

When illness attacks my family, I recall my own failings and inability to truly stand-off the hacks of this world,no matter what I do.  I praise God that He overcame the world.   He strengthens me in the midst of the yuck and reminds me that it can’t attack Him.


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