How do two become one?

I adore hearing married people’s stories about how they met.  It’s intriguing to discover the multiple ways two can become one.  It’s also enlightening to realize how many variations God has at his fingertips when it come to creating solid relationships.  Of course the story of a meeting doesn’t determine the success of the couple, but if I know a successful couple, I like to learn how it began. 

One of my friends just became engaged and as I celebrate her joy, it brings me back to how my husband and I first connected.  Let’s face it, in the digital age meeting and greeting have changed.  Believe it or not, my husband and I met through a Christian dating service.  Geeky huh. 

The intro

I had accepted a position as a youth pastor in the town of Sunland, California.  It’s not a huge town.  Whenever I tried to picture dating someone locally, I became stressed by the possibility of failure.  How would it affect the ministry?  Would it make life in town more complicated?  Okay, have I mentioned I’m a worrier? 

Needless to say, those ideas drove me to decide to go to an organization located in Reseda, California called Equally Yoked.  I never imagined actually meeting a spouse.  The thought it might  improve my dating skills.   I determined to willingly put myself “out there”.  I’d place a request to meet 5 men each time I visited the office.  One fun element of this group was the fact that everyone had to profess a faith in Christ to participate, video interviews included one’s story of salvation and relationship with Christ.  What a time saver, I thought. 

I ended up dating several nice men.  In fact, for the first time in my life I scheduled multiple dates with multiple men within the span of one week.  How flattering!  During one visit, I planned to submit the name of one Timothy Whidden as a person I might like to meet.  He, unfortunately, had no video sharing his story.  At the last-minute, I removed his name from my requests.  The lady who owned this franchise noticed.  She quizzed me about my decision and mentioned, “would it help you to know, he signed up partly because he saw your picture?” 

Yes, that did help.

The calls

Following my submission, I received a polite call from Timothy intended to let me down easily.  He was already seeing someone else.  Well then, I guess we’ll just have to be friends (even though we’ve never met).  I accepted his rejection but the conversation continued, for 2 hours.  Interesting.

He called me again on three different occasions.  Each time, our conversations extended for hours.  Eventually, he informed me that he was no longer seeing the original lady and he asked if I’d like to get together and meet in person. Was tomorrow too soon?  We met and our personalities connected immediately. 

The marriage

Ten months later, we declared our love before family and friends at Descanso Gardens.  After thirteen years, we have two children, two dogs, two cats and a friendship that grows stronger every day.

What about you?  Please share your story of how two became one.


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