Scrubbing clean our house and hearts

I Heart Cleaning
Image by Valerie Morrison via Flickr

I often clean some things during the spring, but the tradition of spring cleaning itself has alluded me for years. I didn’t understand it’s pertinence or even what things should uniquely be cleansed only once a year. This can probably be traced, in part, to my poor eyesight. In other words, if I don’t see the dirt, it isn’t really there. Or so I’ve thought.

My ignorance of dirt has lasted for years.  But recently, I became aware of another approach to spring cleaning.  During the Catholic season of Lent (which is a time to prepare for Easter and think about all Christ has done for us), many people connect their spiritual journey with spring cleaning.  I read of one person who decided to cleanse not only their house but also their heart. As they scrubbed some forgotten corner, they asked Christ to  forgive them.  They sought to think about things or areas of their life which they hadn’t completely surrendered to Christ.  This transformed my cleaning thought process. 

I decided to commit myself to the seek out those nooks and crannies where I’ve never cleaned.  In the process, I’m thinking about how deeply Jesus loves me and wondering if I’ve held back any part of myself from Him.  Concerning our home, I asked friends to recommend ideas of places where dirt might hide.  A big list developed.  It has been enlightening.

I wonder, does this happen spiritually too?  As we invite God into our heart and open parts of ourselves which we hadn’t considered pertinent to Him, does He enter and gently scrub us clean with the love of Jesus? But, much like home cleaning, the work is never really complete.   

No matter how long we’ve known the Lord or how deep our connection with Him, our human failings always enter the picture and muck up what once sparkled.  What a wonderful joy it is to know the ultimate Mr. Clean for whom no stain is too tough to tackle.


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