Wanted: Female mentors

Cover of "The Story of the Trapp Family S...
Cover of The Story of the Trapp Family Singers

Here’s the scenario, I moved to California 16 years ago. All grandparents resting eternally, my connections to older, faith-filled women settled into the land of scarcity. I spent years thinking about how smart I thought myself to be and not asking good questions. Now, realizing my true stupidity, where do I turn? Am I alone here?

Need a mentor?

Realizing the need of a mentor doesn’t fill the shoes of a mentor. Sitting still pondering my problems isn’t exactly my style, so I’m seeking proactive direction. Maybe you can help.

I figure a mentor is someone who has experienced life’s journey ahead of me and can give guidance about areas of pitfalls or blessings.  That person can also share personal insight into life choices which only experience enables.

Booking Mentors

A friend of mine once shared his plan for seeking mentors. Books. He’d find an author he respected, and read all he could from that author, then choose a new one. In this way, they served as mentors to him, though conversations were one way at best.

It sounds like as good an idea as any. I accidentally found my first book mentor recently.  Please, allow me to share. 

My kids and I adore “The Sound of Music” and we decided it would be fun to read about the real Von Trapp family. We ordered from the library “The story of the Trapp family singers” by Maria Augusta Trapp. What started as an innocent source of family entertainment has inspired my heart. This woman consists of much more than Julie Andrews‘ two dimensional version, as much as I adore it.

Maria Von Trapp

In the movie, we catch glimpses of Maria’s heart for Christ and her enduring character, but the real woman’s life contained much more. She and her family truly sought to live out the Bible verse, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

She and Georg had been married several years before the Nazi take over of Austria. They had birthed two daughters in addition to the original children, who she loved deeply, and she found herself pregnant during that most difficult season. Their exit lacked movie drama but held much deeper personal and family value.

Georg received an invitation to serve in the Nazi military, he said “no”. Their oldest son chose not to take a doctor’s position offered to him, a second “no”. But when their family was requested to sing for Hitler himself to celebrate his birthday, they knew three “no’s” closed doors to them within Austria. Theirs was a spiritual choice, follow Christ or receive praise and glory, they chose Christ.

Maria’s experiences surprised and encouraged me. She addressed abortion issues, maternal moments, faith journeys, business decisions and much more while seeking “the will of God”. She gave me an amazing model of the kind of woman and mother I long to become.

If you know other books of inspiring women, please comment below.  While I appreciate the many male mentors God has provided, I still need female mentors in my life.


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Female mentors

  1. I love this. We SOO need the expertise, experience and encouragement of ladies who have lived this battle ahead of us. I’ll keep this question in mind and get back to ya when i remember/discover mentors of my own.



  2. Yes, I totally agree with you. Finding female mentor are difficult and sometimes mentors from books serve a great purpose. As far as books, I’ve loved Amy Carmicheal, a missionary to India in the book, A Chance to Die, by Elisabeth Elliot. Also other books by Elisabeth Elliot. However connecting in person is a wonderful gift, I hope you find some real live mentors also.

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