Working tweens and kids works wonders

Lawnmower set out for scrap metal recycling

Let’s cover this now. This article has no goal of changing child labor laws or creating a backyard sweatshop, please no protestors on my sidewalk.   That having been said, why are we worried about working our kids?  We labor all week for our ultimate goal, vacation weekends.  Fun in the sun, entertainment, and relaxation occupy our minds and our attentions during the prime time we spend with our children.  Is it any wonder they want what they see us desire?  Ironically, we consider those things the reward for all our weekly hard work.  Have our kids experienced any of that hard work?  They haven’t seen us in action, usually.  They haven’t labored themselves.  Then, they receive the rewards.  Sounds like an easy way to do life, although not very realistic.

Any child over two can begin learning basic jobs around the house like cleaning up after themselves, brushing teeth, etc.  As they grow so can their list of jobs and responsibilities.  Like many of life’s tasks, these jobs need mentoring.  If we choose to work alongside our children, recognizing the limits of their abilities, we can guide them to greater and greater opportunities for growth.  Our tweens can help with yard work, dishes, gardening, maybe even car maintenance and their confidence will grow as their skills improve. 

Vacations are fun moments in our lives, but what if we learn to enjoy those day in day out moments together too.  The result will be responsible adults who can face life’s challenges, make attempts to try new things, appreciate accomplishments and even value failure because they saw us do it too.  And maybe, they won’t be stuck in front of a DS, T.V., computer or some other entertainment device all day. 


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