Review: “How to be God’s Little Princess” by Sheila Walsh

A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to this character in a book named Gigi.  A book written by one of my favorite singers, Sheila Walsh, entitled “Gigi, God’s Little Princess” had captured her 4-year-old daughter.  She read it and played the related DVD over and over.  When my youngest came to visit, our two preschoolers were often found dressing up and watching that video. 

I’ll be honest, my two daughters have immersed themselves into all things princess, but it hasn’t exactly been my cup of tea.  I guess I’m too jaded.  I mean, I saw the Princess Diana drama and trauma and all my illusions were thrown up into the wind to get trampled under people’s feet.  Pretty dresses are nice and all, but why would I want my girls to imagine themselves as princesses?  Shouldn’t they be grounded in truth and ready for life? 

This idea of God’s princess did make me wonder a bit though.  I have faith in God as the King of Kings.  In a similar way, I also think that if I believe in Jesus and receive His gift of eternal life, I am given the right to become a child of God.  The girl children of kings are called princesses.  Sheila caught my attention. 

My oldest daughter is in her tween years and stretching toward inevitable teenageness.  She’s seeking more and more to become the woman God wants her to be.  I was wondering how to help her on this journey, when I came across Sheila’s latest princess experience.  “How to be God’s Little Princess”  is a wonderfully girly book with Christ-centered values, God-grounded ideas and cute feminine touches my princess adores. 

The book claims it’s loaded with “royal tips for manners, etiquette, and true beauty” and I agree.  But that’s not what interests my daughter.  She loves the quizzes and crafty ideas found within its pages. 

If you’ve wondered about a Christ-centered and fun alternative to some of the American Girl ideas, here’s a place to start.  It’s designed for girls 8 through 12, but I suspect the younger set may appreciate it more, depending upon each girl’s regal connection.  The book covers everything from hair ideas and bath needs to sports and an inner beauty make over,  all covered in a truly royal way. 

I heartily recommend it.   Out of five stars, I give it 4.


4 thoughts on “Review: “How to be God’s Little Princess” by Sheila Walsh

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