What’s up with the bunny?

Hase kurz nach der Eiablage
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I have nothing against rabbits, they are cute and fuzzy and wonderful in pictures next to my children.  Having said that, I have never embraced the whole Easter bunny thing.  As a child, my parents taught me Santa and the Easter Bunny, and at the same time,  I attended church and learned about Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.  As an adult, Jesus captures my heart much more than that furry critter.

As a child, I was a “yes mommy” kind of girl, most of the time.   So, if they said there was a Santa, I said “yes mommy”.  I happily received presents, left cookies for reindeer and wrote letters.  Then, there was the bunny.

Whenever my parents announced the egg hunt or hid items on Easter morning, the “yes mommy” girl smiled and embraced the story because it offered chocolate reward.  But, if I’m being totally honest, I never really got it.  Perhaps I lacked imagination, but the idea of a bunny bringing me gifts and hiding eggs never really made sense.  I couldn’t picture a rabbit carrying the eggs or shopping at the store to buy the peeps I clearly saw in their wrapper last week. 

Please help me to understand this thought process.  Whether you are Christian or not, if you focus on the Bunny, please open my eyes.  What does your family do and why? 


3 thoughts on “What’s up with the bunny?

  1. We do not do the Easter bunny or Santa. Well, actually, we told our son from the beginning that Santa was pretend. He took pictures with him but knew that it was someone dressed up as santa. Then we did a Polar Express birthday party for him this past year (5 years old in December). I thought it would be fun for someone to dress up as Santa for us to take pictures. Well, it completely made him believe that Santa was real, so we did the cookies and let him write a letter to Santa and we wrote a letter back telling how important Christmas is because it’s all about Jesus’ birth. So we’ve let him hang on to thinking Santa is real and will re-address it this upcoming Christmas. ***sorry long story***

    Easter bunny has never been anything we’ve even talked about.

    1. Paula, I must agree that the Easter Bunny doesn’t make sense, not at all. My son, at the ripe old age of 5 informed me that he didn’t get it, because bunnies don’t lay eggs, chickens do, so what’s up with the bunny and the eggs. Kind of stumped me. I eventually, of course had to fess up, because there was no logical way of explaining the Easter Bunny to his very logical mind. I told him that it was a tradition in our family to celebrate Easter in this manner, even thought it didn’t make sense. He didn’t object to coloring eggs, or hunting for goodies in the plastic eggs, or eating the bunny shaped cake. He just didn’t get the bunny corellation with Easter. Years ago my mom told me that the egg symbolizes new life, and the resurrection, and that is where the eggs came into use, but no one I know of has been able to explain the bunny thing.

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