Finches move in

House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus)
Image by kevincole via Flickr

I’m sitting on my patio in the cold due to the excitement accompanying our newest visitors, a male and female finch.  We’ve watch mom and pop finch investigate places in our backyard for the past couple of days and they settled on a cozy little corner just inside out patio.  What a fun adventure!

Our family waits in eager anticipation for mama to settle down, and egg sit, but until that time arrives, they build.  What fun we enjoy watching them create a nest in the corner of our patio!  Where once there was nothing, now a growing cluster of grasses and twigs develop into a home.

As momma creates the home, papa stands guard.  Wherever she hunts for new building supplies, he follows and supports and even sings a happy tune.  They make a beautiful team.

I can’t help but think of what it’s like when we accept God’s gift of forgiveness.  According to the Bible, the result of this decision is divine guidance.  The Holy Spirit comes and lives within us as our own internal counselor.  He opens our eyes to God’s point of view on multiple arenas of our lives.  In other words, He builds His nest in our lives.

Unlike these finches, the Holy Spirit isn’t content with some small corner of our hearts.  He wants full run of the household.  He asks us to fling open the doors of our lives and welcome Him.  In the process, He will build His nest, He will guard us and He will help us to live a new life.  He will enable us to sing a new song.  What a great gift!  We can resist Him and close the door, it’s our choice.  But when we allow God’s possibilities within our lives, what beautiful joy we unwrap.  Unlike these two house finches, nothing we do will intimidate or frighten off the Holy Spirit.

Welcome to our home, mama and papa finch, enjoy the safety of what we provide.  And welcome to my life Holy Spirit, may I enjoy the safety and possibilities You offer.  It’s my dream that we create a beautiful team.  You leading, me following and singing for the pure joy of the experience.


6 thoughts on “Finches move in

  1. Hi Paula,
    Nature sure gives us lots of fodder for life lessons. That and baseball.
    Thanks for pinging. Now I need to figure out what pinging is and use it too?
    Patty (from WWWW)

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