Stay-at-home stereotypes revealed – cooking

Cooking Mama: Cook Off
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The topic of moms who cook brings up all sorts of stereotypes in our mind’s eye.  Personally, I immediately go back to the black and white “Leave it to Beaver” episodes my non-cooking mom forced me to watch.  By the way, still like them today, who knew.

What irony I witnessed!  June Kleaver prepping food for the fam each day as our home filled itself with fast-food choices.  Seriously, I grew up with a regular evening choice of Arby’s, Kentucky Fried, McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell?  I can’t be certain, but it’s possible the nearby fast-food joints played a deciding factor on where my family lived.  But wait, my mom stayed at home.  She is a loving Christian lady.  Yet, she barely cooked for us. Confused?

I know multiple stay-at-home moms whose family dietary plans run the gambit.  Some love to cook.  Some don’t, but do it anyway.  Some shop the frozen food section and deli regularly.  Whole Foods makes decent money off a few of my friends.  Some married and planned ahead.  The man of the house serves as household chef and she happily supports his choice. 

Stereotypes are interesting things, once they get truly dissected.  June Kleaver may have represented her era, one which thrived prior to frozen and fast-food innovations.  She may also have been a complete work of fiction. 

As for me, when you grow up eating only fast-food,  the taste buds itch for something different.  Plus, it saves our family a ton of money, if I or my hubby can cook up a little something.  It’s a learning journey.  When I’m experimenting, the hallway smoke detector often declares its opinion, but I consider cooking an interesting challenge.  I don’t look the least bit like cooking mama on the video game and I don’t yell at my children, “You not nine!” or whatever she’s saying.  But if you want to stereotype me this mama does cook.

What about you?  What kind of food choices come up in your household and why?


3 thoughts on “Stay-at-home stereotypes revealed – cooking

  1. I’m the stay-at-home mom who doesn’t enjoy cooking but does it anyway…and I still hope that one day it will click and I’ll either like it or at least get better at it (and the planning)! Thankful for the slow cooker because it helps me out at least once a week!

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