Following faithful Fathers

Dad with Charlotte
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I began my observations of fathers 32 years ago.  At that time, my dad had died and I longed to see what kind of fathers other people had.  I even took to adopting the fathers of my friends.  In my teen years, I had 5 adopted dads.  I called them, Daddy Danford, Daddy Richner, etc.  They smiled and found me amusing in my effort to discover the details that make up a good dad.

Over the years, this habit continued in more subtle ways but I still keep my eyes open for faithful fathers and how they live their lives.  You see, my dad was not a Christian.  He wasn’t even that great of a dad.  Something in me seeks to understand and see a good dad in action.

My latest observation is a bit peculiar but highly insightful.  In my article, Finches move in , I shared how some birds have built a nest under our backyard patio.  It’s been fascinating to observe the process and relationship they have.  I even looked up some basic facts on house finches so that I felt informed.

This father finch represents an amazing, yet tiny role model and I’m fascinated.  Apparently, finches live monogamous lives.  So when she picks her guy, he’s it.  It’s funny how the ladies choose the gentleman.  Boys approach available girls and attempt to regurgitate food for them.  I know, gross huh.

But, there is a method to this madness.  Apparently, she’s determining if she can trust him with her life and the lives of their future babies.  Let me explain.

After eggs are laid, she will nest but leave occasionally until the final five days.  Then, she’ll remain on the nest until the eggs hatch and he will hunt for food and bring it back to her by regurgitating.  He’ll keep her alive.  Wow, now there’s a job.

I love watching these two together.  She’s settled on the nest with four light blue eggs.  They haven’t reached the final five days yet, but he remains ever-present.  I’ve learned to recognize his song.

As she sits, he sings to her.  He’s always somewhere nearby in a bush or tree.  He’s ever watchful, ever aware.  He runs interference, if he senses a threat.  He warns her in his song.

He is her rock.  She knows that no matter what, he’s got her back.  Now, that’s a good father!

Am I just a weirdo here or do other people observe the men around them?  Do you have any good dad stories?