Why women wear high heels

Photographer: Frank C. Müller
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Is it to make our feet look smaller?  With size 10 clunkers like mine, I could use all the help I could get.

Is it to reshape the rest of our body?  You know what I mean.  Proper balance and centering involve adjustments, though clearly not every woman accomplishes this goal.

Personally, I feel stronger when high heels cover my feet.  Do you feel that way?  Having a spike at the base of my foot gives me the realization that I’m armed.  If I plunge that thing into someone’s foot, it definitely makes a point.

That’s why it felt so proper to join women from Santa Clarita in a heel raising event this past Sunday.  Teams assembled to raise money for the Domestic Violence Center in Santa Clarita, CA through a High-Heel-Athon.  Women stood on their platforms confident of their capabilities.  They rose and marched down Main Street visually declaring strength to the community.

Teams made up of churches, businesses, community groups and friends united in the cause of stomping out the violence.

Do you remember that famous scene from Grease where Sandy dropped a cigarette and squashed it with her fresh new black heels?  That’s the goal of this group.  Squashing domestic violence, one heel at a time.

As one of the speakers declared, “We’re keeping this topic which hides in the darkness out in the light.”

That may not be the main reason we wear heels, but what a great way to make use of them.

How do you feel when you wear heels? Add a comment here.


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