Soar like a butterfly in cowboy boots

Imagine my youngest prepped and ready for her school play.  She’s got the leotard (pale pink), the tights (pink and grey striped), the antennae (repurposed clovers from St. Patrick’s day), and she’s ready to perform.

Her role: butterfly in the school play.  Today, she shows us all her stuff.

As I dropped her off at school, one last thought crossed my mind,  “Honey, what shoes are you wearing?”

“My boots,” she answered.

She meant her worn, brown leather cowboy boots, which happen to be her favorite shoes.  The image of my butterfly with cowboy boots has haunted my head all day.  Then, a thought struck.

Why not?  Or even better, why not me too?

I grew up reading encouraging scriptures about putting on the full armour of God.

You too can be a knight in God’s kingdom.  But, what if that imagery falls short for us?

What if we get caught up in the weight of it all and feel overwhelmed?  Are there Bible verses to encourage the social butterfly who longs to soar and is willing to get stuck in the mud on occasion?

I think so.


The Bible gives us great images of flight. We see God  soaring on the wings of the cherubim (another term for angel) with immense power (2 Samuel 22:11)  It also shows us we can soar like eagles in Isaiah 40:31.  And while we find that appealing, it strikes us as a bit intimidating.

Could we soar while believing we’re so small in God’s creation and He’s so great?

Like a butterfly

One of the phenomenal things about God is His capacity for change.  He can re-create anything and anyone.  It’s our choice to allow the re-creation to occur but dumbfounding to see in real life.  My husband exemplifies this idea. 

He grew up in a Catholic family, did the alter-boy thing, and decided it was fiction.  He believed God didn’t exist, there’s no heaven, it’s a lie.  Friends prayed for him and invited him to their church multiply times over the course of many years.  One day, something clicked. 

He made the decision to follow Christ.  His whole life changed.  He was a new creation.  2 Corinthians 5:17 says it this way, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:  The old has gone, the new is here!”

The best visual example I’ve ever seen of this is found in the butterfly.  A caterpillar looks nothing like the butterfly it becomes,  it is a new creation.  My butterfly man soars in ways that amaze me.   

We all can soar, like a butterfly.  Now you’re wondering where cowboy boots fit, right?

In cowboy boots

Come on, cowboy boots are just cool.  They are possibly the only shoe which improves with use.

I had a pair of cowboy boots I purchased years ago.  As they grew more and more worn, I received more and more compliments.  Seriously.  They are the vintage wine of footwear.

In a more practical sense, they can take anything.  I wore them in the mud and rain, spilled things on them, got stepped on and even used them to separate two warring dogs once.  With them on my feet, I feared nothing.

Here’s a verse for that too.

“He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness. “It is not by strength that one prevails” 1 Samuel 2:9

It matters to God that our feet are safe.  Yes!

The take away:

Warriors clothed in armor present themselves as strong and capable, but when our minds can’t grasp that image, we can soar like a butterfly in cowboy boots.

(I asked my daughter if I could share her story and she wanted to share her picture too.  Here’s her image of a butterfly in boots.)


Do you like the idea of armor?  What about butterflies?  Share your thoughts by clicking here.


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