Narrative of loved ones lost

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Though Father’s Day is yet to come and Mother’s Day has past, for many of us today encompasses the two as we remember our loved ones.  We think of generic soldiers and warriors of long ago, we see parades and uniforms and flags waving.  But this day holds memories.  It grabs us, those of us who have lost, and we remember.

My dad was a soldier years ago, out of necessity, not drive.  He served his country as a plumber.  That’s right, we need them too.  Fixing sink after sink in Panama filled his soldierly hours.  He returned.  He lived.  He survived. But Memorial Day still grabs me.  Why?

Thirty-two years ago, my brother and I went for a drive with our dad, on May 30th.  We came back, he didn’t.  Tragedy is tragedy whether it happens overseas or here.

No matter who your soldier was or how he or she wrapped up the life they were given, we remember and we love them.

Today isn’t just about sacrifice and soldiers.  It’s a day to let the memories flow.  Pour them out of ourselves, look closely at who our loved ones were and appreciate their unique contribution.  Be they warriors or pilots, cooks or plumbers, they served.  They added to the narrative of our nation. By choice or force, their story matters.

Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunts and everyone else.  We love you.  Thanks.


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