Choice picks of May 2011

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If you missed these the first time, here are the top posts from May.  (based on how many hits they each received) I added a new element which I hope you will use.  At the end of each article there is a thumb facing up and a thumb facing down, it could be fun if you’ll rate the article with a simple click for thumbs up or down when you finish.  Next month, we’ll show the top rated articles.

1.  It’s officially May 21st and I’m still here, are you?

2.  Black cats, rabbit’s feet and Friday the 13th

3. Procrastinator keeps friends waiting, but will they?

4. Soar like a butterfly in cowboy boots

5. Why women wear high heels

6.  My teeth look like your teeth

7. May the Son shine on your Sunday

8. Dang, that book’s huge!

9. He started it!

10. Petition writers wanted


You continue to help this blog function and always teach me new ways to write.  Thanks for your comments and wonderful attitude, let’s keep connecting and helping each other make wise choices daily.


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