Build your day one hour at a time

breakfast in bed
Image by Susan NYC via Flickr

In the same way many experts state the value of breakfast for our day’s beginning, the first hour sets the course for much of what we later accomplish.  I’m not saying this is my greatest success, but becoming aware of it’s value has helped my day grow rather than wither.

When we wake each morning, choices stare us in the face, in the same way my once three year old would announce, “I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” until I rose.

Did that ever happen to you?  We can close our eyes and attempt to shut out the choices, but that alone means we’ve chosen a direction for our day.

From the time we begin to hold down a job, we have to choose to wake, and move, and haul bootie out the door.

As a non-morning person, there were days when I barely dragged my bootie.  There were days I locked the door, sat my bootie on the couch and chose T.V. over personal contact.  There were days when my bootie felt lighter than air, and I lept for joy and simply hovered in happiness.  Whatever happened, it started in that first hour.

We all have to consider how to shake our collective booties to build our day one hour at a time.

I sent out a question to several bloggers I respect, because I wanted to hear their take on where we all begin.

The Question:

What do you believe is the biggest choice people make in the first hour of the day?

The Answers: 

1.   “whether to hide or not”    Seth Godin (click on my head!)
my lens: and my books:

2.  “For most people, it’s what to have for breakfast. For smart people, there’s no choice to be made at that time since they’ve already established effective habits to carry them through that first hour (the rudder of the day) on
Steve Pavlina
Personal Development for Smart People

3.   “That one’s simple for me.  The biggest choice each day is the choice of change.  Are you going to do something different?  Are you going to find your passion?  OR- are you going to trudge through another day wishing you had a different life?”  Jay White  – Tips for Life

4.  “I would say the biggest choice people make each morning is whether to choose to be joyful or not.” Jon Acuff

see his books on here:

Now it’s your turn, how would you answer the question?


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