Kids, dogs, heat and water

Dog sunny Day Afternoon
Image by allert via Flickr

Summer is here!  Complete with sunshine and overly energetic small people who have few places to pour out their energies.  They itch to watch television or play video games non-stop, but you know it won’t use that valuable energy they store.

The family pets feel the change in season and wrestle in the living room or knock over their food bowls. Of course they did that before, but you notice it more now.

Are you working the regular 9-5 thing?  What’s summer break to you? Is it a time you wish another body part would break, so you could actually spend time with your raucous kids?

Do you stay at home with those typhoons of tyranny,  I mean bundles of joy?

Maybe you wish you could break something to allow you the peace and quiet of hospital status.

To get the most out of the summer, you decide to plan ahead, pile the munchkins into daycare or summer park and recreation events.  You become motor momma or driver daddy.  No one told you that being a parent meant you also controlled the social status and skill opportunities of multiple people.

The family must go to the beach or pool to feel summer success.  You must go, go, go, to know that you went, went, went.  Do you want to shout at the world, “Stop!”  I do.

When the tensions of summer bear down, I recall this Bible verse.  (Feel free to write it and post it somewhere, so you can see it when you need it.)

“This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b

Even if you can only find 10 precious minutes, take that time to sit and talk with God pouring out your issues and trusting His strength.  When in doubt, my personal favorite quiet spot in the midst of family chaos is the bathroom.   If for only a few moments, I gain quiet.  You can too. 

My Choice today:

I’m not a passive participant in the life set before me.  I can choose to take part and seek guidance on how to balance the day.   I plan on doing it today. 


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