Dad you are…

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The one with the strength.

The one with wisdom.

You bring chuckles to my heart.

You educate and illuminate in dark times.

Creativity bursts from your finger tips.

Rooms pause to hear your thoughts.

When you sing, the birds listen.

Even your name makes me smile.

Calmness reigns in your presence.

You know what I need.

I never want to hurt you,

but you’ve been hurt by others.

It pains me to recall

When people turn their backs on you.

They shouted and yelled and spit.

They challenged your authority.

And you took it.

You didn’t bicker or continue the argument

That’s how I know your strength.

I want mirror you, Dad.

Making you smile is my personal touchdown.

Who is everything I ever wanted as a friend and a guide?

Dad, You are.

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