The gratification of a fierce burn

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That’s right baby.  The summer sun beats down and pierces the skin through to the bone.  Finally.  I’ve been waiting for this.

You won’t find me charring my children in the car or craving summer cancer, but I love the feel of the heat.  While many hide from its piercing pressure I know the strength of this human body I’ve been given.  As a child, in Arizona’s 120’s I played outside and progressively build tough toes to retrieve balls from the street.

There’s wisdom in fearing the rages of summer, but once you know what you can do, there’s also freedom.

That’s how I see it when God works on helping me to become better than I’ve been.  The Bible refers to His work in my life as an all-consuming fire.  He cleans us in a refining fire, like the fire necessary to remove impurities from metal to make them more valuable.  Ouch!

In practical application, inviting God to refine me sounds painful, but so does 120 degrees farenheit, unless you know what to do.

It’s all about the water.  When you face massive heat, water is your best friend.  If I drive in the car, in Arizona, it takes a while for the air conditioner to dissipate the heat from the space.  So, there you sit, for maybe 5 minutes, in a car which could be as hot as 140 degrees.  Bring water, lots of it.  The super big gulp people make bucks in Arizona.

Jesus calls himself the living water.  That’s what we need, when the heat of life bears down on us.  Creative, embracing, fulfilling, living water.  Can you picture it?

The sun beats down, the sweat builds up, then out of the corner of your eye you see it, a pool.  It’s free and open to anyone.  It’s clean and the refractive light sparkles.  It’s calling out to you to leap in.

That’s what Jesus is like.  The tough stuff of life can strengthen us, if we have the proper tools to help us endure.  Without water, heat is just heat, and it does destroy.  The proper tool for enduring and even enjoying heat is water.  He cools us and calms us.  He refreshes and strengthens.

My Choice today:

Face whatever heat comes my way with a cool glass of water from the fountain that never runs dry, Jesus.

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