Sink or swim

Competitive springboard diving
Image via Wikipedia

We stare unready

Unsure of this world.

We avoid wetness,

For fear we will hurl.

Then we view others,

Glide smoothly through space.

They know the right moves,

They live within grace.

Maybe it’s worth it,

Give water a try.

Though it’s a new world,

We don’t want to fry.

Heat in life builds up.

Our eyes search around.

Water gleams freshly,

We fear we will drown.

The Lifeguard steers us

Toward safety in pools.

He knows the best ways

To follow the rules.

We stand there unsure

But must make a choice.

It involves action

And not just our voice.

Brave ones will do it

They jump and get wet.

They trust the Lifeguard,

Though life is not set.

First they move slowly,

And keep eyes on Him. 

Today is the time,

Stay, jump, sink or swim. 

This Sunday, we can choose to sit at home or open our heart and minds to the wonderful world of church. Be it Baptist, Methodist, or Non-denominational, the Bible calls the church, the body of Christ. Whether you wade in or leap off the board and belly flop, the people of God show facets of who He is.  We simply cannot experience all He wants for us behind the keys of our computer.

My choice today:

Leap in and trust the Lifeguard.


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