Put on a helmet, you’ve pummeled the wall too long

Helmet + evil face
Image by Reinis Traidas via Flickr

The day I gave birth to my first daughter, a friend promised I’d understand God’s love better than ever.  In some ways, I’ve seen the truth of this statement.  In other ways, I understand God’s frustrations better.

If God is our heavenly father, then we parents can relate to how He might feel with us occasionally.   Today is one of those days.  Maybe it’s happened to you too.

You start with the best intentions.  Tell the kids, step one:  do this.  They do it.  Awesome.  Step two: do the next thing.  One does it, the other swears you never said a thing.  To clarify, you calmly restate step two.  Your wonderful child does a completely different activity convinced the guidance came from you.  They state this opinion quite adamantly and with great emotion. The calm and uncalm collide.  What?

You find yourself seated on the floor bamming your head into the wall, trying not to become angry at one small person’s inability to understand the English language.  What went wrong?

My days look this way occasionally, and then I remember my friend’s promise.  In spite of my frustrations, I adore the blond people God created through me.  I believe in their present and their future.   My love continues even as the wall banging comes to a head.   I guess I am learning about God’s love for me.

I do the same thing.   I read in scripture about what kind of life God wants for me.  I hear sermons on improving my faith walk and I think I understand.  Then, I do what my confused brain has instructed, only to find myself praying for forgiveness because not only did I mess up, but now I have a big clean up.  Has that happened to you?

I wonder, does God occasionally wish He created a wall to bang His head against? 

As the parent seeking to help my child get unstuck and grow, sometimes she needs a time out.  She needs a different choice, a calm uncomplicated choice.  Once the emotions subdue, she’ll be able to start fresh and take another crack at getting step two done.  Or, I might give up on step two for today and delay it for another day.  I remind her of my ongoing love.  We continue our relationship, in spite of wall banging moments.

If we’re the ones causing God to want to bang His head,  what can we do to start fresh?

My choice today:

Give myself a time out when I find myself messing up.  Pause.  Calm down.  Try again.  He still loves me.


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