Dancing in the daylight

Children dancing, International Peace Day 2009...
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Whatever your life, whatever your dreams.

Freedom means something more than little schemes.

Parks for play when kids grow bored.

Boats that sail. Birds who soared.

Toes in the sand and walking on the beach.

Ideas procreate and come within reach.

Wagging of tails and smiling faces.

Cars on the road driving multiple places.

Family moments we struggle to share.

A few friends gather and show they care.

Whatever your way, you know what you see

when truth opens doors and sets people free.

With childish abandon, we throw off the rope

which shackled our lives and left us no hope.

We joyfully reach out to One who gives more

than the salesman or gardener could bring to our door.

He opened up choices our eyes never saw.

He carried us through moments which left our hearts raw.

He saw us, the real us, and still gave us a chance.

Because of His love, we might as well dance.


May you dance in the daylight every day.


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