How to build healthy family habits

The Andy Griffith Show
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As parents, we ache to see our families succeed.  Our hearts long for that picture perfect, almost Andy Griffith life.  Okay, so Andy Griffith is old and black and white, but come on, they never argue and always encourage with the right words at the right moment.  Who doesn’t want that?

Our families are outrageously complicated, but we do have multiple choices to help our family develop into the true beauty we’ve always dreamt it would be.

Here are a few ideas I’ve discovered about building a healthy family:

Where to start?

1.  Becoming a better lover   is a post about what real love is, how to identify it, experience it and give it.

2.  Family goals is a poll on what kind of goals you have for your family.  Use it to get you started thinking about your goals.

3. Plans for the family journey shows our family’s goal setting process.  Making the goal is the first step toward getting there.

4.  Did you know you are a mentor? helps parents to look at their roles in a new light.

The discipline dilemma

1.  Unwrapping the ropes of fear, one bite at a time  enables us to face our fears.  One big fear parents face centers around the arena of discipline.  Let’s not get tied up any longer.

2.  Do you hear me now? reminds us to value the ears we’ve been given.  The better we listen, the better we’ll know how to connect with our kids in vital ways that matter.

3.  Even a garden requires discipline opens our eyes to the value of boundaries in the lives of our children.

4.  Does solid discipline create a solid disciple? For those of us who long to see our kids grow closer to Christ, discipline plays a huge role in that development. 

5.  Put on a helmet, you’ve pummeled the wall too long encourages us to look at our struggles from a different angle. 

Breaking the mold

1.  Overcoming chaos in our lives is a post about how easily we can get caught up in what other people think we should do.  Let’s break the mold and allow our family to be unique by not enabling chaos to control our decisions.

2.  Build your day one hour at a time allows us to slow down and think about the start and not the finish.

3.  You’re welcome, no really, you are reminds us of the value of hospitality, teaching it and living it.

4.  Why we don’t do the toothfairy, and never will enables us, as parents, to choose our family traditions.  We set the plan for our kids, and we can do it creatively and joyfully.

5. 6 steps to a smooth summer lets us break the mold by stepping outside the norm and appreciating the warmth of each day.

Further food for thought

1.  Things I never ate until I had kids helps us bond with one another over the issue of food and how it changes when parenthood comes.

2.  Stay-at-home stereotypes revealed – cooking shows all of us who stay at home, there isn’t just one way to do it. 

3.  Feed that family reminds us, we all gotta eat, right? It contains great ideas to help us feed ourselves and our family.

4.  Feeding children to hear and receive God’s word is a post about a different kind of food, one that matters just as much or more than the traditional pyramid shows.

My choice today:

Learn more to do more, and begin building a healthy family.


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