6 reasons to see Cars 2

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Our family made a plan, we read an online listing telling what to expect in movies this summer.  Only one caught the mutual family eye.  That’s right, one

Cars 2.

Since movies have become so amazingly expensive, we don’t want to catch gazillion mediocre flicks.  One good one will do.  Of course that places serious pressure on the movie to come through.  I mean, mathematically speaking, even at an early play time, watching the regular version (no IMAX or 3D), if you include the snacks for the family, the event cost us $67.00.

Can I hear a Mater-like, “DANG”?

Again, that flick better rock.  And it did.

Here are our family’s reasons for enjoying CARS 2:

1.  It’s family history.  We own the original CARS and love the music and the characters. Continuing the journey ignites the engine of our family.

2.  Action and adventure.  From the moment the pictures began dancing on the big screen, we saw chases, mystery, intrigue and a CARS take on Tokyo, Paris and London.  (Let’s just say Lightning McQueen vacuum cleaner ads in lights)

3.  Friendship factor.  Much like the first CARS, this one holds true to the value of friendship.  In spite of previous lessons learned, you can take those same cars and put them into a different space and the lesson becomes new.

4.  Tension hugs.  As the action picked up, our kids clung close to mom and dad.  They felt the tension and sought parental security.  We happily obliged.

5.  Roaring laughter.  Pixar knows that perfect balance with tension and release as they help kids to enjoy learning vital lessons.  When the release came, our munchkins burst out with outrageous giggles worth bottling and selling.

6.  Memories.  When all was said and done, our youngest informed us that we will, of course, need to buy this movie when it comes out on DVD.  Thus the memories continue.

(other less noteworthy reasons for parents to like this one: no bad language, mediocre violence, same great characters with extras added, great relationship building skills.)

As you can tell, we enjoy our movie fun, but if you aren’t movie people, check that list again.  These are vital criteria for any family experience worth doing.

My choice today:

Have fun with my family that uniquely fits my family.


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