Parenting blessings (the things I love)

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Parenting has down sides, but sometimes it’s good to focus on the blessings.  If we don’t fully embrace each moment we might miss them and what a tragedy it would be.  As I look out my window and listen to the kids playing in the other room, I can’t help but feel blessed.

The definition:

blessing:  a special favor, mercy, or benefit

The List:

1.  Outrageous laughter which fills the air.

2.  Different types of expressions. (One who owns something must be an owner.  The toy dogs call out “Owner!”)

3.  Morning hugs.

4.  Creative energy.  (The experience of making baskets into bedrooms for dolls or foil into shoes.)

5.  Generous forgiveness.  (When one messes up, instantaneously the other says “I forgive you”, and means it.)

6.  My personal rooting squad.  (When something goes well, they cheer.) 

7.  Empathy central.  (When it goes badly, they feel the pain.)

8.  Fabulous fighting.  (Nothing gets held back and then it’s out there, ready to be dealt with.)

9.  Each day brings new adventure.

10.  Chubby cheeks packed with marshmallows.

11.  Loothe tooth lithps.  (loose tooth lisps)

12.  Sparkling eyes of energy.

13.  Watching brain development each year, and the surprises it brings. (“Dry ice comes from carbon dioxide which is CO2 and when it melts it becomes gas.”…today’s eleven year old observation in the grocery store.)

14.  Flopsy dancing on tippy toes.

15.  Elbows rammed into my stomach, always on accident.

16.  T.V. cuddles.

17.  Surprise kisses. 

18.  Grocery cart rides and how they change over the years.

19.  Nighttime prayer and Bible which they request daily.

That’s my list, why don’t you add your own ideas. 

My choice today:

Appreciate my children. 


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