Lessons from the garden: an unexpected guide to family growth

The Japanese Garden in Spring.
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The outdoors inspires me like nothing else.  It’s colors and shapes, scents and sensations all grab my imagination and stir my thinking.  I love taking a walk with our stubby dog, Wall-e, and looking at the variety of plants which decorate our roadside.

Have you ever really looked at a garden or even the plants in the neighborhood?

In Pasadena, California sits the Huntington Gardens.  Within a few acres, you stroll through a cactus garden into a rose garden which neighbors a Japanese garden and even orange groves sprout within reach.  Its variety entices the senses.

I began gardening at my home in my early twenties.   Years later, I’m still expanding my little gardening prowess, and have unexpectedly learned much about people and families because of it.

It’s become a guide to helping me and my husband grow our family. Today, we begin a series called “Lessons from the garden”. Maybe it could help you too.

Lessons from the garden:

1.  Everyone is beautifully unique. 

From the stature of a pine tree to the delicate tulip, each plant carries its beauty on its proverbial sleeve. Were the world loaded with only one plant, we’d be bored beyond belief.   Take a walk and notice the different tones of green or shapes of leaves.  They tip up or sideways.  Some flower petitely and some burst with gigantic blooms.  Appreciating a garden means taking it all in.   

In the same way plants grow uniquely within their space, so do children and families.  One could say, “A rose is a rose,” but it wouldn’t be true.  Based on location, how it was planted, what kind of attention it receives and what attempts to attack it, each rose grows differently as does each child.  Some need more attention and some flourish with little effort but the beauty exists within both. 

“The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”  Isaiah 58:11 


My choice today:

Notice the unique beauty in each member of my family.

(coming tomorrow- more unexpected lessons from the garden)


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