Lessons from the garden: an unexpected guide to family growth (part 3)

Manure, a field in Randers in Denmark
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As I plucked invasive weeds from my yard, I found myself inspired by the plants that surrounded me.  This three-part series resulted from all my hard labor.

In part one, I shared about my love of plants and how  it taught me “Everyone is beautifully unique”. 

Part two allowed me to reveal three more lessons I learned, including:  we need others for success, watch out for weeds, and one person’s weed is another’s lily.

In part three, we’ll find out more about the nutrients which produce powerful growth and the odd places where they originate.

Lessons from the garden continued:

5.  Manure magic.

Yes, you are reading what you think you’re reading.  Poop does produce precious product.  Good mature comes loaded with outstanding nutrients.

I’ve watched it in action.  If the good gardener adds manure to their garden during the fall, by spring, you’ve got some gorgeous flowers and fruit. 

As a parent, we can interpret this truth to help us see the problems of life as ultimate blessings.  Much yuck can bring much yum.  But…and this is an important but (not butt), so listen carefully. 

If we toss manure onto the soil during the wrong season, it’ll fry the plants.  Manure added to plants in a hot land, during the hot season, makes the plants feel the heat stronger, and they fry.  Having said that, not all the poop which flies in the face of our family helps to strengthen it. 

As parents and spouses, we need to watch out for our beautiful garden (aka kids and hubby).  If someone flings poop their way, figuratively or literally, we need open eyes to see if it contains a possible blessing or if it’s just too much for this season of their lives. 

The wise gardener, scoops out unnecessary poop and protects an already hot plant.  Wise families do the same thing.  As I mentioned earlier, good gardeners get dirty. 

6.  Water brings wonderful refreshment

Gardeners use water to flick bugs away, cool plants, and feed them.  Rather than pesticide, many home gardeners prefer going out in the early morning to power spray bugs off foliage.  They do it because it works.  Some plants need the cooling mist water provides, and as we all know, without water any plant will die, even cactus. 

Where does a family get water?  Christ.  He’s the center of a strong family.  We simply cannot do it alone.  Throughout the Bible (old and new testaments) references pop up displaying God as living water.  Jesus claimed that title too as he spoke with a woman at a well. 

One of my favorite scriptural water references is found in Revelation 7:17

” For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’  ‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’ ”

His water protects us from that which would devour us.   He cools our anxious hearts.  And, only this type of water will ever fully nourish our family, and the more we seek it, the more we’ll find. 

My choice today:

Enjoy the water,  and keep my eyes open and ready for poop patrol, my family’s worth it.


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