Are you a shout, a slug, a hug or a note?

Thank you Card
Image by Jon Ashcroft via Flickr

When it comes to appreciation, we all express ourselves in different ways. Which one applies to you?

Are you the boisterous shout in a crowd?  The energy of the moment overflows from your heart and explodes out your lips.  You can’t stop it, it must burst forth.  When things go right, you let out a “Yahoo!” or “Amen!” or occasionally “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Maybe you’re the slug that finds the nearest shoulder.  Some prefer to pat the shoulder more gently, but a slug is still a slug.  You see a person you appreciate and long to thank.  With a twinkle in your eye, maybe a nod of the head, you slug them in the shoulder.  Nuf said.  Wordy you ain’t.

You could be the all-encompassing surround-sound hugger.  To offer thanks to people you’ve known forever or but a moment, you reach out with two arms extended.  You pull the person toward you and squeeze them, as if brains were toothpaste and you need to load up your brush.  When you thank someone, they feel it from within.

Do you pull out the pen or plonk on the keys and search for the proper words to express yourself and your gratitude to its fullest capacity?  You are a note waiting for a recipient.  Speedy or slow, post-it or ebook, when it comes to giving thanks, none but the written word will please you.

There are other expressive thankful forms worth mentioning:  the cook, the cleaner, the gifter, or the kisser.  Whatever your approach,  science and scripture agree.  We experience great pluses in life, when we become grateful and express it to others.

My choice today:

Take time to show gratitude. 

(By the way… Thanks for being the wonderful reader you are!!! I truly appreciate you.  In my heart I’m giving you a hug or maybe a shoulder slug.  Sorry, I can’t cook you a pie or something.)


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