Dust off the dreams and take flight

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Some dreams happily reside in the sleepy space which occupies our mind in the early morning hours.  They like it there and should stay.  Dreams like becoming a 4 foot 5 inch line backer for the Dallas cowboys.  For safety sake, it belongs in the bed.

But there are reachable dreams.  Dreams which only fear or limited thought hold back.

As the tough guys in the movie”Tangled state, “I had a dream, once.”

Years ago, I dreamt of flying a plane myself.  It seemed silly to seek out.  Was was the point?  I didn’t want to become a professional pilot, but the thought of soaring on the clouds sounded fun.  I told myself to forget about it, until…

A friend of mine heard my dream.  She loved making dreams happen.  She bought me a solo flight with an instructor as a birthday present.  And, out of courtesy, I went.

It’s a precarious thing to chase dreams.

The day I flew, I had a cold.  It affected my inner ear.  I sat in a Cessna 152 within inches of the instructor/pilot.  We circled the Phoenix area, and then it happened.  I puked.

Yup, vomited all over myself and a total stranger within the space of a three-foot circle.  Little known fact, small planes don’t carry vomit bags.  I wanted to hurl out the window, but it doesn’t roll down like the ones in a car and in retrospect that’s probably good.  Who wants to have human discharge pummeling toward their head from 2000 feet in the air?

One would think my dream ended there.  Nope.

Apart from the nausea thing, I found it fun.  I realized I could do it.  As a single chick, it didn’t cost too much.  I had free time, and come on, it was flying.

Following my explosive regurgitation, I sought a different flying school (where they didn’t know I was a puker) and started lessons.  Once a week, I’d learn the physics of flying, climbed in the plane and literally soared.  The vomit ceased and fun clicked in.

I became a certified pilot in 1993.  Since that time, I haven’t flown a bunch, but the experience lingers.  The dream became possible, chaseable and realizable.  If a vomiting nut like me can learn to fly a plane, with God’s help, anything is possible?

It was God’s grace and wisdom which helped me succeed, because I know He made me smarter and more capable than I previously demonstrated.  He allowed me to carry out a dream.

You can too.

Ways to make your dreams happen:

1.  Voice them to others.  Until you do, they don’t start to take on a real shape.

2.  Be willing to hurl.  It happened to the girl in Princess Diaries, and it could happen to you.

3.  Take steps toward your dream.  Sign up for a class, call an employer, register for a conference.  Whatever the next step is, take it.

4.  Trust God for guidance and strength on the journey.  Did I mention I got lost in the air on my first solo flight?  God’s patience and guidance were huge.  I’ll leave that story for another blog entry.

5.  Be willing to let go if it doesn’t work.  Other dreams I’ve had and how they’ve been dashed:  become a veterinarian (but I’m allergic to animals), dance in a ballet (I’m totally uncoordinated), sing professionally (I don’t actually like music enough).

6.  Soar when it’s time to soar.  One of the best experiences I’ve had in a plane was flying above fireworks on the fourth of July.  The uniqueness of that experience won’t ever be repeated.  It was a blast.

By the way, I still didn’t become a professional pilot, nor do I want to become one.  Knowing I did it was enough. 

Scripturally speaking, God granted people like Joseph a dream of what would come.  Sometimes, the dream is exciting, like the idea of people bowing down to him, including his parents.  Sometimes, it’s sad, like when he had to tell Pharoah a famine was coming.  But God does use dreams to help us live within His grace.

With all that said, I have a new dream I’d like to voice to you.  Create a new blog.  Because of this dream, I’ll be writing less here in preparation for what is being built there.  As the new blog launch approaches, I’ll share more.

If you are a prayer person, please pray for this new venture.

My choice today:

Step into the dream plane and take off. 


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