10 ways to face our choices

Funny Face Friday #2
Image by Tony… via Flickr

When I moved to the big city, I became very aware that within one hour I could do practically anything under the sun.  One hour or less to the beach, one hour or less to the mountains, theaters, major artistic venues, clubs, restaurants, museums, etc.  I became overwhelmed with all the choices at hand.

Whether we hide in a corner or go for a rodeo ride, the choice ultimately sits at our feet and stares up expectantly.  That’s why this blog began.  A simple spot to think through one choice at a time.

As a person of faith (that would be Christian faith), I think all our choices affect or reflect our faith.  But we can’t always see it.  We don’t want to see it sometimes.

Then life smacks us around, and we find ourselves spread out on the floor (literally or figuratively).  All those choices glare into our ankles willing us to make a move.  What do we do?

When faith hits the fan, our choices matter…let’s take time to see the choices.

Be part of this story.  We pause for a moment each week day to think through or share with a friend one simple choice.  That’s enough for one day, don’t you think?

Choices on facing our choices:

1. The random pick and go approach.

2.  Hide and assume they’ll go away, while they grow like weeds who’ve been fed fertilizer.

3.  Write out our thoughts each day and take note of choices we make, for better or worse.

4.  Learn from great choice thinkers like Max Lucado, Jon Acuff,  or Seth Godin.

5.  Choose to receive this blog’s newsletter and think through one choice at a time.  (Write your email in the upper right-hand corner)

6.  Share your point of view by commenting online to our daily choices.

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10. Close this window and move on. 

If you’re seeking perfection in counsel, this isn’t the place for you.  Here, we walk forward, occasionally stumble and look toward the One, True God whose perfection surpasses our imaginations.  If you seek challenge and strength for your spiritual and cranial tissues, then you’ve arrived on good ground.

My choice today:

Open the doors and greet the neighbors. 

“Hi, welcome to my blog.”


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