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How can we deal with them? How do we heal them? Where is that magic button when we want it?

We stare at them, complain about them, beat up ourselves or others, and sometimes we cry.

Repetition, react, rethink, or redirect.  These are the choices we face.

When we find ourselves trapped by repetition, blink.  Open our eyes to see. Doing the same thing, the same way produces the same results.

What if we react.  Something flies in the window, we take a swing.  We wrap our problems in a cloth ball, wrap a rubber band around them, toss them in the back yard and shoot them with a pellet gun.  Chances are it won’t make a dent or it could worsen the problem.

We could attempt to rethink the problem, but our thinker feels like a tube T.V. in HD land.  One doesn’t become the other simply because of desire.

What if we stop, lift hands, turn around, look at something new. Redirect.  Give ourselves a time out.  When our choices don’t work, we feel stuck.  Swimming in the mud guarantees muscle fatique.  If we look at the problems of others, our issues become less vital.  If we spend time with others, our frustrations find a place to serve and deliver.  If we seek a different type of guidance, we may find the answers we need.

My choice today:

Pause.  Focus on something else.


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