Slow Down Baby, You Move Too Fast


To be fair, I’ve never really been that fast.  I mean, I was the last person chosen on whatever team. If I met some scary dude in an alley, running wouldn’t save me, not unless he used a walker. 

Moving fast happens mentally, not just physically.  We dash through our thoughts and barely notice their passing.  So often when I speak with someone, they barely know what they did yesterday. it screamed past them so quickly.

Maybe it’s because we surf the internet and scan TV at the same time.  Maybe when two generations grow up on fast food something happens metabolically.  But what if we chose to do something slow.  That’s right, we choose it.  

If we convince ourselves that speed isn’t accuracy, then we might want to become more accurate.  We’d have to slow down to take aim at life. Real aim requires deep breathes and calm countenance.

When we inhale slowly the life we have been given, we arrive at our moment.  This is our moment, right now.  It won’t come back.

In marriage, each day is a new day to declare love, to forgive, to open arms and hearts.  Each day provides an opportunity to seek forgiveness and try again.  If we careen down the road of life without regard to these precious times, we’ll have missed our moment.


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