The Abandonment of “Alone Yet Not Alone”

Consider the hundreds of songs playing throughout the many movies made for 2013.  The people who choose the ones for Oscar Nomination try to be fair, but many get lost in the mix. For this reason an admirer wrote an email to point them toward one that caught his attention. They agreed.

But, someone wasn’t happy.  One of the left out ones felt slighted.  They cried fowl and declared this email an unjust promotion.  Whether right or wrong, the Oscar committee rescinded it’s nomination.  

One little film, with one little song, saw the possibility of national notice. It was made a budget of $125,000 in the land of multimillion dollar block busters, produced on only a few screens across the country.  The idea that it creeped its way toward the top of the slush pile amazes me.  


It may not receive an Oscar, but this song that did touch the hearts and minds of those who chose it. It might connect with yours.  Listen to it for yourself.  You decide.

For your consideration: Alone but Not Alone – sung by Joni Eareckson Tada 


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