Shock and Awe and Uh-oh

Kid jumping into water

The older we get, the less startled we get.  Maybe it’s because we’re jaded.  As for me, I’ve been shocked so many times that it really takes effort to make be jump now. Having said all that, I just got shocked.

After two years of effort, writing, and rewriting, I finally approved the proof for my book Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage. Mentally, I leaned back into my chair thinking, “It’s done.” I also figured that I now have a bit of time before it’s available in a larger venue.  According to the publisher’s information, it would take as much as 6-8 months.  

Curiosity tugs me around occasionally, and when it does I click to see who has bought the ebook or if anyone has reviewed it.  Imagine my shock when they suddenly listed the paperback version only one week after I approved the proof. 

My jaw dropped. 

Curiosity drove me to click through to Barnes and Noble. You guessed it. The paperback popped up there too.  Uh-oh. My time got cut much shorter than I thought.   My various coaches have told me that I need to make press releases and send them out to radio stations and newpapers. I should set up speaking opportunities and book signings. 

This is the tough stuff.  Writing the book is easy by comparison. Now, I have to become a type of salesperson just to enable more people to get to read what I wrote.  

Big breath.

This might be messy.  I’ve never really done this stuff before.  I’ve been the face-to-face, learn by observing, and then write what I learned girl.  Oh boy. I don’t like it when people brag or talk about themselves all the time.  No one does.  

Because this book matters, and I’ve been told that it could help many couples, I’m going to keep my heart and mind focused on them. I’m praying for the mysterious them every morning.  Maybe you are one of them.  

If you hear or see me talking about Couple Corners over and over, it’s not because I’m self enthralled.  This is the scary stuff for me.  

I will talk about it, because I believe marriages matter.  There are many people who never had anyone coach them in marriage. I’ve been very blessed and lucky.  It would be self-centered for me to not share.  

Like the kid who jumps into the pool with little training, I’m probably going to flail about and splash you.  I’m still learning.  The pool is still a great place though. And, my instructors have been the best.  

Did I mention that Couple Corners is now available in paperback?  I’d love to talk with you, your church, or school about it. 

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