Who is Paula?

     I grew up going to church my whole life.  I’ve attended conferences, gone to Bible school, and played at youth camp.  In my time on earth, I’ve become a wife, a mom, a pastor, a writer, a speaker, and a mess when my faith hits the fan. If there’s one thing I know, faith doesn’t happen in a moment.  It’s composed of the choices we make each and every day.  We live our faith one choice at a time.
     I’m a transformatively imperfect person, but  I know a perfect God who gives me guidance through His Word (the Bible), and I know multiple people who’ve gone through the same struggles I face. My choice today is living my faith the best way I know and sharing with you the ups and downs of it all.

What’s the blog about?

     This blog is for people seeking faith-filled choices.  Let each article serve as a spark to your spiritual imagination.  I also invite anyone to check out what’s here and see what choices Christians face daily.  You may end up feeling smarter about yourself, or seeing we’re not so different.  A Christian is a person who knows One who is different (Jesus), but we’re just people who live our lives and make wise or unwise choices along the way.

Getting the most out of the blog

You can sign up for the RSS feed by clicking here.  You can subscribe to the blog, which will send all new articles to your email (no hunting necessary),if you click here.   You can follow me (Paula) on Twitter or friend me (again, Paula) on Facebook.  If you choose to stumble with StumbleUpon, I’m there too.  Click this to connect. (Oh, and I’m not really 103, I’m 430 but they didn’t list that far.) You’ll see the real gunk, and the real life, and hopefully, the real God I love and choose each day.



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