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There’s this Book…


A few months ago I finished my second book, Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage. This book has gotten several 5 star reviews. It’s meant to help couples find more joy in their marriage one faithful choice at a time. 

This book writing thing is fascinating because writing a book doesn’t mean people buy it.  After all, there are tons of books. Some good, some bad, some interesting…well, you get the point. At times I fill like this 3 foot tall kid at a basketball players convention standing in a corner shouting, “Hey, I’ve got great news for you!”

Yup, that’s the book marketing world,  

So, I’m learning to branch out and share my story in a variety of ways. One big step I took meant contacting other authors and gurus. It terrified me. But, you know what I discovered?  They are amazingly generous.  

With the help of some talented folks I’ve create a special sale for the ebook version. It’s called a Kindle Countdown. Then, I got to add these amazing bonuses for anyone who buys the book. If you are curious, here’s a link to all the information:

This sale doesn’t go forever. It only lasts from today, June 4th, through the end of June 5th.  If you know someone this book could bless, like a couple who wants to grow closer to Christ or maybe someone who’s getting married, please let them know about the sale.



Shock and Awe and Uh-oh

Kid jumping into water

The older we get, the less startled we get.  Maybe it’s because we’re jaded.  As for me, I’ve been shocked so many times that it really takes effort to make be jump now. Having said all that, I just got shocked.

After two years of effort, writing, and rewriting, I finally approved the proof for my book Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage. Mentally, I leaned back into my chair thinking, “It’s done.” I also figured that I now have a bit of time before it’s available in a larger venue.  According to the publisher’s information, it would take as much as 6-8 months.  

Curiosity tugs me around occasionally, and when it does I click to see who has bought the ebook or if anyone has reviewed it.  Imagine my shock when they suddenly listed the paperback version only one week after I approved the proof. 

My jaw dropped. 

Curiosity drove me to click through to Barnes and Noble. You guessed it. The paperback popped up there too.  Uh-oh. My time got cut much shorter than I thought.   My various coaches have told me that I need to make press releases and send them out to radio stations and newpapers. I should set up speaking opportunities and book signings. 

This is the tough stuff.  Writing the book is easy by comparison. Now, I have to become a type of salesperson just to enable more people to get to read what I wrote.  

Big breath.

This might be messy.  I’ve never really done this stuff before.  I’ve been the face-to-face, learn by observing, and then write what I learned girl.  Oh boy. I don’t like it when people brag or talk about themselves all the time.  No one does.  

Because this book matters, and I’ve been told that it could help many couples, I’m going to keep my heart and mind focused on them. I’m praying for the mysterious them every morning.  Maybe you are one of them.  

If you hear or see me talking about Couple Corners over and over, it’s not because I’m self enthralled.  This is the scary stuff for me.  

I will talk about it, because I believe marriages matter.  There are many people who never had anyone coach them in marriage. I’ve been very blessed and lucky.  It would be self-centered for me to not share.  

Like the kid who jumps into the pool with little training, I’m probably going to flail about and splash you.  I’m still learning.  The pool is still a great place though. And, my instructors have been the best.  

Did I mention that Couple Corners is now available in paperback?  I’d love to talk with you, your church, or school about it. 

The Abandonment of “Alone Yet Not Alone”

Consider the hundreds of songs playing throughout the many movies made for 2013.  The people who choose the ones for Oscar Nomination try to be fair, but many get lost in the mix. For this reason an admirer wrote an email to point them toward one that caught his attention. They agreed.

But, someone wasn’t happy.  One of the left out ones felt slighted.  They cried fowl and declared this email an unjust promotion.  Whether right or wrong, the Oscar committee rescinded it’s nomination.  

One little film, with one little song, saw the possibility of national notice. It was made a budget of $125,000 in the land of multimillion dollar block busters, produced on only a few screens across the country.  The idea that it creeped its way toward the top of the slush pile amazes me.  


It may not receive an Oscar, but this song that did touch the hearts and minds of those who chose it. It might connect with yours.  Listen to it for yourself.  You decide.

For your consideration: Alone but Not Alone – sung by Joni Eareckson Tada 

Slow Down Baby, You Move Too Fast


To be fair, I’ve never really been that fast.  I mean, I was the last person chosen on whatever team. If I met some scary dude in an alley, running wouldn’t save me, not unless he used a walker. 

Moving fast happens mentally, not just physically.  We dash through our thoughts and barely notice their passing.  So often when I speak with someone, they barely know what they did yesterday. it screamed past them so quickly.

Maybe it’s because we surf the internet and scan TV at the same time.  Maybe when two generations grow up on fast food something happens metabolically.  But what if we chose to do something slow.  That’s right, we choose it.  

If we convince ourselves that speed isn’t accuracy, then we might want to become more accurate.  We’d have to slow down to take aim at life. Real aim requires deep breathes and calm countenance.

When we inhale slowly the life we have been given, we arrive at our moment.  This is our moment, right now.  It won’t come back.

In marriage, each day is a new day to declare love, to forgive, to open arms and hearts.  Each day provides an opportunity to seek forgiveness and try again.  If we careen down the road of life without regard to these precious times, we’ll have missed our moment.


I’m Back…


This blogging thing certainly is an adventure.  If you haven’t read some of my past posts, I started here. Then, I became the Los Angeles Faith and Family Examiner.  Eventually they let me be the National Christian Parenting Examiner. But, I was hunting for a more specific purpose. 

I began investing in this blog journey.  The result is Faithful Choices.  It’s another blog meant to help people find joy one faithful choice at a time. 

While writing about family and marriage and social media, I discovered a passion for marriages.  So, I took a next step.  I wrote a book which is currently available on Amazon called Couple Corners:52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage. Becoming an author has an interesting learning curve.  I’m realizing the need for a space to simply talk marriage. 

The most logical thing in the world meant reshaping Faithful Choices, which I’m beginning now.  But I ache for a place to simply share thoughts and ideas, no matter how random.  Oh yeah, I had this blog already.

Guess what? I’m back.

Inspired by the prolific Seth Godin, I’ll be posting short thoughts daily.  We’ll discover together what it is I think.  I hope it proves valuable to you.  

When the earth shakes, change happens

IRIS Seismic Monitor
Image by Xevi V via Flickr

Maybe a mountain grows,  a sea widens, or ice melts, but something happens.

The ground under my feet feels like jello.  My oh-so-quivering knees keep banging together, because I sense change in the air.  Keep your eyes open and your ears ready, because it is coming.

Something’s happening beneath the surface of this humble little blog.  More info will arrive as it’s ready, but it’s a big beautiful thing and you’re going to love it.

Dancing in the daylight

Children dancing, International Peace Day 2009...
Image via Wikipedia

Whatever your life, whatever your dreams.

Freedom means something more than little schemes.

Parks for play when kids grow bored.

Boats that sail. Birds who soared.

Toes in the sand and walking on the beach.

Ideas procreate and come within reach.

Wagging of tails and smiling faces.

Cars on the road driving multiple places.

Family moments we struggle to share.

A few friends gather and show they care.

Whatever your way, you know what you see

when truth opens doors and sets people free.

With childish abandon, we throw off the rope

which shackled our lives and left us no hope.

We joyfully reach out to One who gives more

than the salesman or gardener could bring to our door.

He opened up choices our eyes never saw.

He carried us through moments which left our hearts raw.

He saw us, the real us, and still gave us a chance.

Because of His love, we might as well dance.


May you dance in the daylight every day.

Oh, Canada! What were you thinking?

Stanley Cup, on display at the Hockey Hall of ...
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It’s sad to witness how Canadian choices unfolded in dramatic ways last night.  Sorry, your guys lost the Stanley cup, but come on Canada,  we hoped for better.

Granted, I don’t have much room to talk, since I live in the Los Angeles area; home to multiple post game riots, post-game beatings, regular riots, and gang shootings.  Some how I thought people were wise enough not to see Los Angeles as a mentoring model on life.  I guess I was wrong.

Last night Vancouver broke out in riots, when the local Canucks failed to win hockey’s Stanley Cup in a game seven match up.  For a country whose national sport is hockey, I get the disappointment.

It’s understandable to feel frustration when your guys fail to complete the task in the way you’ve dreamed.  But, does it mean we must expect destruction and damage from energetic fans?  Come on people, get a life!  It’s a game, isn’t it? Or is it a deeper problem?

We’ve seen it here too.  At a Dodger baseball game, a zealous fan received a beating in the parking lot.  The justice system desires to right the wrong, but this is a heart issue which jail-time won’t solve.  And clearly, it’s contagious.  Now the nice Canadians are doing it.

It’s enough to make the average onlooker get ticked off and want to break something.  But has that solved the problem?

If expressing our anger helps us feel better, we should be seeing peaceful waving of flowers in the streets, but instead cars get tipped and fire thrown, because of the anger and hatred seething beneath our collective surface.

What’s the alternative?

You’re going to think I’m some sort of wacko, but what if, we choose to forgive. 

I know it’s a radical thought, but correct me if I’m wrong here.  It seems as if the riots and beatings are some expression of entitlement.  We feel slighted by life, and want to lash out, because we think we deserve better.  I say “we” because we all do it in some way.

Canadians live and breathe hockey, the idea that some Boston upstarts could come in and take away their trophy ticked people off.  My thought is they felt entitled.  They wanted to do something, anything, to express their anger at a loss of what should be theirs.

This mark on peaceful Canada’s reputation shows the way we all feel when our lives don’t work the way we want.  We sit on the freeway stuck by gridlock and find ourselves yelling out the window to the other guy, who’s equally stuck but he’s the only one we see.  He gets the brunt of our emotions.

We need to forgive the people who slowed down our day.  We need to forgive the obnoxious fan, who chose his words unwisely.  We need to forgive the stupid Bruins, who took the Stanley cup.  We need to forgive all those other people who’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time and added to our personal pile of junk, which just became too heavy to carry and we exploded.    We need to forgive ourselves for not succeeding where we think we should.

We need to forgive Canada for a moment which we’ve lived previously.  I guess we really are all human.

For those of us who’ve heard or said the Lord’s prayer, one section speaks to this dilemma:

“And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.”  Matthew 6: 12 

Jesus brought forgiveness and hope to those of us who haven’t seen that personally.  His forgiveness enables us to forgive, and He asks us to pass it on to others.

My choice today:

I choose to believe in the possibility of forgiveness, and seek it out, and not wallow in my own self-loathing and self-pity. 

2000+ hits and we’re still standing

Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late to win a...
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For the non-blogger world, a hit is a view.  This blog passed the 2000 mark on hits yesterday.  Can I hear an AMEN?

Thanks to everyone who stops by and thinks about their choice of the day.  Don’t forget to comment early and comment often, I love to hear from you.  Also we have a new rating system at the end of each post, you click on the right thumb to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the post of the day.  This is totally anonymous and if you really like something feel free to click more than one time.

Have you told your friends about this choice site?  If you find value, pass on the good news, the more the merrier.

Choice picks of May 2011

Than Ball, my own work, photo taken by me. Dep...
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If you missed these the first time, here are the top posts from May.  (based on how many hits they each received) I added a new element which I hope you will use.  At the end of each article there is a thumb facing up and a thumb facing down, it could be fun if you’ll rate the article with a simple click for thumbs up or down when you finish.  Next month, we’ll show the top rated articles.

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You continue to help this blog function and always teach me new ways to write.  Thanks for your comments and wonderful attitude, let’s keep connecting and helping each other make wise choices daily.