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Ashton Kutcher and the power of influence

Ashton Kutcher at Time 100 Gala
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Actor, producer, writer and humanitarian Ashton Kutcher often brings to mind his famous character from “That 70’s Show”.  He usually plays the goofy guy whose lamps don’t reach full wattage.  But there’s much more to this Nikon advertiser’s dream. 

Back in the early days of twitter, Ashton jumped on board and started a huge following.  As the first tweeter to reach 1 million followers, his ranks  now extend past 7 million.  We’re talking double what CNN gets and only one million short of those following President Obama.

Are  you wondering why this choice chicka’s spending quality words on the Punk’d dude? 

Let’s face it, the guy’s got influence.  He’s a regular tweet-a-holic and people care what he says.

It’d be easy become entirely self-centered and think of this whole following deal as one gigantic narcissistic ride, but not so with Kutcher.  He makes a point of using his fame to influence people in positive ways.  Okay, sometime he’s narcissistic, but aren’t we all.

Yesterday, he had what some have called a twitter fit.  I’d venture to say, he spoke his mind and people listened.  He and Demi Moore have created a foundation to eliminate child sex slavery and human trafficking called the Demi and Ashton Foundation, or DNA, for short.  Their goal is to build awareness.  DNA stands for donate, notify others, and action.

They have videos running on Youtube.com with titles like “Real men don’t buy girls”.  Several of Hollywood’s leading men have helped create these videos.  Are you catching the influence factor?

Whether you agree with everything he’s done over the course of his career isn’t the topic at hand.  The question is influence.  If you had it, what would you do?

Guess what, you do have influence.  Maybe your followers don’t number in the millions, neither do mine.  But your influence still matters.  We can simply sit back and not share the lessons we learn, or we can become part of an important conversation.

If you have children or friends, someone’s watching you.  They want to know what you think.  They long to learn something from your point of view.  What do you want to share?

My choice today:

Use my influence to help others.

Thanks for being an influence Ashton.