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There’s this Book…


A few months ago I finished my second book, Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage. This book has gotten several 5 star reviews. It’s meant to help couples find more joy in their marriage one faithful choice at a time. 

This book writing thing is fascinating because writing a book doesn’t mean people buy it.  After all, there are tons of books. Some good, some bad, some interesting…well, you get the point. At times I fill like this 3 foot tall kid at a basketball players convention standing in a corner shouting, “Hey, I’ve got great news for you!”

Yup, that’s the book marketing world,  

So, I’m learning to branch out and share my story in a variety of ways. One big step I took meant contacting other authors and gurus. It terrified me. But, you know what I discovered?  They are amazingly generous.  

With the help of some talented folks I’ve create a special sale for the ebook version. It’s called a Kindle Countdown. Then, I got to add these amazing bonuses for anyone who buys the book. If you are curious, here’s a link to all the information: http://www.faithfulchoices.com/couple-corners-sale/

This sale doesn’t go forever. It only lasts from today, June 4th, through the end of June 5th.  If you know someone this book could bless, like a couple who wants to grow closer to Christ or maybe someone who’s getting married, please let them know about the sale.