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Don’t simplify, ever

Greyhound Racing
Image by Mamboman1 via Flickr

Have you ever sat down with a friend for conversation and that friend just kept talking and talking and talking? Whenever they pause, you attempt to speak but discover your mistake, because they quickly stomp over your idea to insert their idea again and again.


You find yourself wishing for a polite way to say, “Haven’t you heard, less is more?”

In the world of blogs, Geoff Talbot cuts to the chase better than a greyhound hunting down a rabbit on an Arizona track. He created a short and sweet blog presence called, www.sevensentences.com .

Each post limits itself to seven sentences worth of content. The topics include creativity, filmmaking, social media, holy filth, writing and poetry.

Tomorrow, he adds a certain choice chicka to his blogging collection of friends.

That’s right. I decided to simplify.

When he asked for guest bloggers, I accepted the challenge to succinctly communicate within his seven sentence boundary. The result is a guest post entitled, “Think, blink then leap“.

He’ll put it on his site tomorrow.  Here’s the link: http://sevensentences.com/2011/08/20/think-blink-then-leap.

Be sure to visit and comment profusely.  Tell your friends, neighbors and family to check out this short and tasty nugget of inspiration.  I plan on hanging out over there and responding to anyone who wants to chat.

My choice today:

Share short thoughts with long meanings.




Don’t hate the wait

Big lines at Disneyland
Image by Tom Simpson via Flickr

I have this clear memory of my third grade year of school. My teacher was passionate about lines. She clearly adored and dreamt of the perfect line experience. I recall times when we’d line up outside her door ready to enter the classroom,  but our imperfect waiting skills cost us time and trouble. She’d look at our wiggling bodies and hear our giggles and the chatted moments back and forth and she’d stand there, waiting. After a bit, she’d look at us and tell us that we weren’t entering the room until we settled down and stood properly in line. I found that incredibly domineering and unnecessary. I mean really! This wasn’t a practical life skill like reading or math. How often would I have to wait in line? What a petty lady she was. Or so I thought.

That memory returned to me as our family sat in line after line at Disneyland the other day. Not only was that a valuable life lesson she sought to teach us, but one I would invite into my life intentionally. After all, I paid to enter that amusement park for the purpose of enjoying its rides and benefits. I did this knowing full well that lines were a part of the experience. I came ready to wait. We had snacks in a backpack which we produced while enduring each patience challenging moment.

How ironic that my life encounters waiting times which I resent just as much as I did that original teacher. When job circumstances or personal trials cause me to wait, I rarely appreciate God’s direction. Maybe I assume that if I’m not in motion nothing is really happening. It can be amazingly difficult to stop and sit still. Yet, once again, it is a valuable life lesson, one which God instructs us to embrace. 

The Psalms are loaded with examples of our need to wait.  King David repeatedly struggled with it while also embracing its reality and importance.  My favorite verses on this topic are found in Psalm 130:

“I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.
I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.”

Are you waiting for something?  If so, please remember, God’s plans for us are so much better than a ride at Disneyland.  If we can wait for those, we can also wait for Him. 

Please share your favorite verses on the topic of waiting.