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I’m Back…


This blogging thing certainly is an adventure.  If you haven’t read some of my past posts, I started here. Then, I became the Los Angeles Faith and Family Examiner.  Eventually they let me be the National Christian Parenting Examiner. But, I was hunting for a more specific purpose. 

I began investing in this blog journey.  The result is Faithful Choices.  It’s another blog meant to help people find joy one faithful choice at a time. 

While writing about family and marriage and social media, I discovered a passion for marriages.  So, I took a next step.  I wrote a book which is currently available on Amazon called Couple Corners:52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage. Becoming an author has an interesting learning curve.  I’m realizing the need for a space to simply talk marriage. 

The most logical thing in the world meant reshaping Faithful Choices, which I’m beginning now.  But I ache for a place to simply share thoughts and ideas, no matter how random.  Oh yeah, I had this blog already.

Guess what? I’m back.

Inspired by the prolific Seth Godin, I’ll be posting short thoughts daily.  We’ll discover together what it is I think.  I hope it proves valuable to you.